I am the happiest in He family

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In He's family, the joy of teaching and educating people

Green tide rolling in the mountains and Koi leaping on the lake

Cherry blossoms in the garden

The coverage rate of green plants is as high as 60% - 70%

The content of negative oxygen ion is six times that of urban area

Daily play card show beautiful scenic spot

This is the working environment of his staff

White walls, red tiles, green shade and brown flail

Clean teaching environment

A loving working atmosphere

The tenet of "all for students"

They are silent in spring

They are active in teaching and innovation

The teachers said

He is here

I am the happiest myself

He's a teacher and friend

They are the pavers of students' thoughts

They are fellow students in student life

They are the future gatekeepers of students

They are counselors

The closest person around students

Responsible and amiable

Meticulous and on call

Mobile phone does not turn off for 24 hours

They are like Doraemon of little He

It's always the base and strength of XiaoHe on their way forward

They use the smile on their faces

And decades of persistence

It explains the love of Counselor's post

Counselors said——

He is here

I am the happiest myself

In He family, the joy of selfless dedication

There are such a group of people on campus

Under the scorching sun, there are hard-working figures

In the drizzle, there are conscientious persistence

Big and small events are indispensable bright colors

They are the most worthy voices to be heard

Simplicity in smile

Sincerity in eyes

They make the campus more beautiful

Let everything on campus run in order

Hes smile has an unforgettable magic

Logistics security said

He is here

I am the happiest myself

In He's family, Youth is the joy of learning. Youth is the wind of running, the smile after harvest, the

stars in the eyes, the sea is the infinite vision for the future and the love for everything. He's campus is

dazzling because of the existence. The smile on his face is the emotional outpouring from the inside out, which makes people have to sign that it's good to be young. Xiao He says:

I'm here in Hfamily.

I am the happiest myself

 Looking at He smile, we can see the most vivid picture in the campus. The most beautiful and pure appearance in life is mostly because it is far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, so the bustle overflows in everyone's heart, and on everyone's face is like plucking clouds to see the sunshine in the future.There is a power that will not change in life. I hope you will always like to love yourself and smile everyday.








2021/05/08 14:30