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International Students Accommodations



He University prides itself on providing a place where our students want to live. We take time to provide a safe, learning community focused on efforts that corresponds to our University mission and vision. Students gain more than just a place to sleep and learn; they are provided a place of full of tutoring, socializing, counseling, emotional support, discipline, leadership skills acquisition, and opportunities to grow and develop to be a contributing members of society. The security of our students, staff and facilities is important to us.


Life in one of our two housing units will be an amazing experience!  Plan to take advantage of every opportunity to make as many friends and learn as much as you can. You will meet people from all over the world, giving you the chance to learn about new cultures and customs and to share ideas. They are a short walk to the academic building and library.





Building A

Building B

Capacity: Each unit has 4 beds.


Dormitory: Single, Double bed rooms with shared kitchen and washroom facilities.


Co-ed: Building A and Building B has common laundry facility located on the first floor of Building A/B(4). Each building has a resident assistant (RA).


Residence Rooms are Equipped with the Following:


  Bed frame and mattress


  Desk and chair


  Closet and wardrobe










Dining Hall


The university Dining Hall provides high quality food in a clean, comfortable setting that meets the needs of students, faculty and staff within the He University community. Our commitment is to provide our guests with tasty, healthful foods with a smile. Food delivery services arrangements can be made for special delivery wherever you are on campus. The dining hall is such that, students has the opportunity to try every meal offered. International students are available to choose to have a meal in the dinning hall or cook in the kitchen by themselves. 


During the school year, the Dining Hall is open in the following hours:


Monday - Sunday


7:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.