The Eye Industry Technology Research Institute, founded by He University, is a new model of research and development institution with independent corporate personality, independent operation and being responsible for its own profit and loss.

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The eye institute focus on the development of biological medicine, medical equipment, medical wisdom and precision medicine around eye health.It build up an innovative technology model integrating production, training, research, medicine and supply. The new model formed a system of product development from research to industrialization.

Through the four research branches of "Ophthalmic Medicine", "Ophthalmic Biomedical Engineering", "Ophthalmic AI Medicine" and "Ophthalmic Precision Medicine", as well as the public technology platform for the eye industry, the institute has gradually built a leading innovation system for the eye health industry in China.

Relying on the construction of the research institute, it will make breakthroughs in a number of core technologies such as imaging and collection of ophthalmic adaptive diagnosis and treatment equipment, ophthalmic stem cell technology and gene technology, ophthalmic biomedical materials and ophthalmic innovative drugs in the fields of synthesis, screening and preparation.Set up a number of domestic leading product research and development platforms, such as plant cell fermentation, optical precision processing, and screening of new ophthalmic drugs. In the future, the research institute will incubate a number of eye health industry leading enterprises.

Dr. Xu Xiaohui “Grand Challenge Youth Scientist” leads the team to create a plant cell factory.