Entry Requirements


A. Applicants should be healthy and well-behaved, and have a foreign citizenship and an educational background to that of the Chinese senior high school diploma. 
B. Applicants should have good academic record and provide the following documents (including but not limited to):

   a. Senior High School transcripts (orginal/Notarized copy in Chinese)   
   b. Transcripts of National/Regional Official high school graduation examination. 
   c. Senior High School Graduation Certificate
C. Applicants should be under 35 years old.  
D. Applicants should provide employment certificate or other gap year certificates. (If applicable)


Language Requirements


HSK (Level IV) or above Certificate is required for applicants who would like to skip the first-year Chinese language program. 


Entry Requirement


A. Fullfil the Application Form in English. 

B. Front page of passport and/or vaisa page issued by Chinese (if applicable)

C. Graduation Certificate (Orginal/notarized copy in English or Chinese)

D. High School Transcripts (Orginal/notarized copy in Chinese)

E. Physical examination report in the past three months (the original must be submitted when registering for admission)

F. Score Report of HSK level four or above within the period of valifity (if applicable)

G. Candidates who have learning experiences in any universities or colleges in China should submit Discipline Records from those universities in China. 

H. NOC Letter (No Objection Certificate, for  transfer students, should be printed in the school official letter which shows school contract information). 

I. Police Registration (for students currently in China)





Applicants should note that only those who have fulfilled all entry requirements for the programme of interest at the time of application shall be considered for admission.