Big things are happening

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The integration of clinics, education, research and industrialization in the He Vision Group is resulting in many big things in the life of our students and the general public. We create an enabling environment that facilitate knowledge transfer, competence development and sharing of insight among entrepreneurs and business leaders.

He University, jointly with China National Gene Bank, BGI, He Eye Specialists Hospital and He Eye Industry Base to build China National Eye Gene Bank.

He Vision Group(HVG) combines medicine and technology effectively to establish a new mode, AI diagnosis, to realize the functions including distance diagnosis, artificial intelligent diagnosis and online training. Until now, HVG has developed many portable automatic devices, including portable binocular visual analyzer, mydriasis fundus camera, portable slit lamp and so on. AI based technology is expected to be part of provision of sustainable comprehensive eye care service.

Portable Binocular Visual Analyzer

Portable Slit Lamp

Stem Cell

Liaoning Key Lab of Ophthalmic Stem Cells (belongs to He University) concentrate on basic research and development and  clinical transformation research. It aims to promote integration of ophthalmology, stem cells and bio-materials, and promote the application in bio-medicine. Relying on the rapid development of the lab, He Vision Group has been awarded as Liaoning Key Lab of Stem Cells, Liaoning Key Lab of Engineering, Liaoning Research and Development Center of Ophthalmic Stem Cells Clinical Application.

Human Stem Cell Products

The Key Lab has applied for more than 20 scientific researches and more than 10 municipal projects. The key technology was awarded one second prize of Liaoning Science and Technology Progress in 2019 and two third prize of Shenyang Natural Science in 2018. The Lab has been authorized 6 patents, 10 patents is applying, and more than 20 papers have been published.