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He University has formed undergraduate education, graduate education, international education and continuing education, multi-type, multi-level educational pattern. The international student education is one of the important parts of education internationalization.
Why study in He university?
A university that integrates of medical service, research, education, industry and public welfare.
An international university
A university that fulls of vigor and vitality , continue to work closely with partners around the world.
An Innovative and entrepreneurial university
A university that promotes interdisciplinary studies, provides a platform for innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship ,dedicated to educating open-minded students to acquire innovative thinking , entrepreneurial ability, cultivates their capacity for life-long learning.
An technology transfer university
A university with an Center of innovation goes ahead in biotechnology, biological agents, life science, health investment, medicine media, public engagement to benefit the individuals.

A university with a spectacular physical setting, providing an environment conducive to the pursuit of intellectual and academic excellence.

1.  Degree Programs


Language of Instruction





Clinical medicine



5 Years

Bachelor of 


Ophthalmology &

4 Years

Bachelor of 


Art Design

4 Years

Bachelor of

2.  Short term program


Cornea and Anterior Segment --3 months
Oculoplasty fellowship-- 3 months
Retina Vitreous fellowship-- 3 months
Glaucoma fellowship --3 months
Pediatric fellowship --3 months
Low Vision& Rehabilitation-- 3 months
Retina Vitreous fellowship – 3 months
Cornea fellowship – 3 months
Glaucoma fellowship - 3 months

Bachelor of Science in Optometry
Fellowship in Optometry
Internship in Optometry
Vision Technicians Course
Fellowship in Low Vision Rehabilitation
Other Training Programs
Ophthalmic Nursing Assistants
Ophthalmic Theatre Assistants
Eye Health Management

Certificate Course in Program Management & Evaluation
Community Eye Care & Community Based Rehabilitation

3.  Summer school program

Summer Program is dedicated to providing world-class higher education in China. SP allows students to take courses of general education and Asian language and studies, gain invaluable internship experience in a dynamic economy, and enjoy a packed calendar of social, cultural, and business development programs.